Are you using a compatible browser?

The first thing to check is your browser and to ensure it is suitable. If you are using Internet Explorer then this will not work as Internet Explorer is a program that was developed before the technology that will be used in this video chat. Some older versions of Microsoft Edge will also not work for the same reason. Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari (for Apple devices) are all compatible browsers which you can download from the internet.

I can’t hear the Consultant

The first thing to check is whether your mute function is switched on – if so switch it off. Check if the sound volume is just too low. If so, turn it up.

If this hasn’t fixed it and if the speakers are external, check they’re plugged in and switched on.

Check the computer’s audio settings to ensure that it is not denying permission to the browser/Clarity to access the speakers.

Many call issues can be resolved by refreshing your page. This is done in different ways on different browsers and devices but usually there’s a circular arrow in or close to the address bar that will trigger this.

Hearing an echo?

Check that you haven’t clicked on the unique link in multiple tabs or browsers and if so close all but one of these. If this doesn’t fix it then check the computer’s audio settings.

I can’t see the Consultant

If refreshing your page doesn’t fix it then try the following.

If you can see the Clarity screen but can’t see your Consultant then check that the Consultant has joined the call – indicated by On Call in green on the left-hand side of the Clarity window. If they haven’t yet joined the call then please be patient as they may be over-running slightly. They are aware that you are waiting and will join you as soon as they can.

The Consultant Can’t See Me

If refreshing the page doesn’t fix it then:

If it’s an external camera, check that it’s plugged in securely and switched on.

Using the correct camera?

If you have more than one camera then it might be that your computer is using the wrong one. To check in Chrome then click on the camera icon in Call Screen’s address bar and you can then check access and selected camera.

Can your browser access the camera?

Check both privacy settings and browser settings to ensure that you have allowed access to the camera.

Could other software be using the camera?

Other video software such as Skype, Facetime or What’s App could already be using the camera so check these aren’t running.

Could your Firewall be blocking the camera?

Your firewall settings could be set to prevent video streaming so check this with whoever manages your Firewall settings.

The Consultant can’t Hear Me

Is your microphone muted?

Check the camera icon in the Call Screen’s address bar (Chrome) or device’s audio.

Is the computer allowing the browser to access the microphone?

Check the computer’s audio settings and ensure you allow access to the microphone in privacy settings and in browser settings.

Is the computer using the correct microphone?

If you have more than one microphone connected (eg built-in and one that is part of a headphone set up), check that your browser (eg Chrome) is using the correct one. You can do this by going to the browser settings and you should see which camera has access

Is there other audio or video streaming software running?

Other audio or video streaming software such as Skype, What’s App or Facetime is likely to interfere with your video consultation if running. Close all such applications (except Clarity) and then refresh your page.

Video or Audio Glitching/Buffering?

A poor or overloaded internet connection will impact on the quality of your video consultation experience so it would be helpful if others in your household/on your internet connection do not use video streaming or online gaming applications for the duration of your video Consultation.

Make sure you are in a part of your house that has a strong wifi signal if you’re using wifi.

You can check speed and latency at