Post Pregnancy Bladder Leaks

Angela Birnie, Consultant Urologist


As many mums will tell you, some things are not quite the same after giving birth. Pregnancy and birth can cause significant changes in a woman’s body, both during pregnancy and postpartum. 

One of the more unpleasant of these potential changes is urinary incontinence. You may hear jokes about laughing, sneezing, or exercising causing leaks, but – for many women – it is no laughing matter.

Leaks can cause women to stop exercising altogether as they feel vulnerable and embarrassed about their symptoms.

Exercise is essential for both mental and physical health. We should not allow incontinence – which can be successfully treated – to deter women from exercise. Everyone deserves the freedom and confidence to go to the gym or to exercise outdoors.

Confidence with Clarity

Our Clarity consultants can offer consultations with you from the privacy of your home via a video or phone call. You can also be seen in person, if you wish, at our Nuffield Chichester hospital.

A 20 minute consultation can be a great opportunity to discuss the issues you’re experiencing in a confidential setting. Our consultants are all highly experienced and will put your mind at ease when discussing your symptoms.

If you are afraid of exercising outdoors or in the gym, or if laughing or sneezing is causing leaks, we can help you gain some clarity. We can help you to find a way through your symptoms and have you laughing and exercising with confidence again.

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