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Consultants – It’s Free to Join

Wouldn’t it be great if new patients from across the UK could access your service and expertise directly? People are more interested and confident in using video conferencing technology and can see the benefits when it comes to healthcare more generally. Clarity provides a way for new patients, who would like a video (or telephone) consultation to reach you, see your availability and book and pay for their appointment in a way that is so simple and clear for them and you. What’s more, it’s free to sign up as a Consultant. There are no subscription fees. None. Clarity is paid for on a per appointment basis at a flat rate – so we only get paid for the appointments we secure for you.

Simple to Use

Our platform comes with an integrated and secure one-to-one video consultation system which runs through each participants browser without the need to download any software. All that is needed is an up to date browser and a good broadband connection. Once you have an account and complete your profile, you will have a virtual waiting room as well as access to status information in relation to all of your upcoming appointments. Designed by Consultants for Consultants and their Medical Secretaries.

Bring your Expertise to New Patients

Clarity enables new customers to reach you and meet with you with unrivalled ease and simplicity. Once you have a Clarity account and have completed your profile and availability, people will be able to see and request a specific appointment with you. Email notifications, payment gateways and secure links, ensure the process is smooth and keeps all parties in the loop, automatically.

Required to use MS Teams or Zoom?

Not a problem. Both MS Teams and Zoom are also options on the Clarity platform – they just plug straight in. This will mean that you get all the benefits of an automated booking, payment and customer service system whilst keeping to any policy guidelines that may require you to only use either MS Teams or Zoom for video consultations.

Can I use it for Existing Patients?

Yes. You will have access to an Instant Appointment generator that enables you to generate appointment links independently of any booking through the Clarity platform so that you can offer appointments to your existing patients through Clarity too. Some Consultants find this to be a much simpler and more efficient way of offering MS Teams or Zoom appointments.

How Secure is it?

The platform keeps patient data to an absolute minimum with no medical notes being recorded on the system and all video stream data instantly destroyed at the end of each call. The video consultations run over a 128 Bit Secure Encrypted connection with patients accessing the consultation via their own unique link. Read more about our security.

How do I sign up?

After completing our short application form, we will be in touch to carry out our vetting process.

After passing this, you will then be able to complete your sign up to the platform. You will then be able to set appointments that you would like to make available to patients who, in turn, will be able to find your details and availability on the Clarity website and make an appointment request.

Once you have confirmed the appointment and taken payment then the platform will send an automated email with a unique link which the patient clicks on to go to your virtual ‘waiting room’ where they will begin their video consultation with you as soon as you are ready.

So Simple

It couldn’t be easier. No software to download for either yourself or the patient, no complicated process.

Once logged in you will be able to see which appointments you have upcoming and when your patient is available to join you on a call.

A medical secretary will get copies of emails regarding appointment requests and bookings.

This includes amending your profile, creating availability, approving appointments, and resetting your password.