Can I see a doctor over video link?

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a global shock, bringing grief and suffering on a scale few could have imagined beforehand. The impact on healthcare services and healthcare professionals across the world has also been huge with many stretched to breaking point and beyond. Even in those countries with high levels of vaccination and with the disease in an apparent retreat, substantial demand on health services persists.

So, many healthcare services and professionals, like their counterparts in education and business, have looked to improve access through online channels with video appointment. This practice is already well established in the US, but is still relatively new to the UK. Babylon is perhaps the best known such service, and has been providing a video consultation-based GP service since before the pandemic struck.

The NHS has also begun to offer some consultations via video link but the practice has yet to be fully developed. Clarity Consultant Care is a new video consultation-based service that enables anyone in the UK to book a video appointment with a hospital consultant, privately, and at the click of a mouse. The system shows each consultant’s availability – you can pick an appointment slot with a consultant of your choice and be seen in as little as a few days.

Can I pay for a one-off appointment with a doctor?

Whilst most of Clarity’s consultants also work for the NHS, these are private appointments. This means that they fall outside of the NHS, and are therefore charged on a per appointment basis directly through the Clarity website.

The main advantage of booking a video appointment with a consultant through a system like Clarity is speed of access. If this is a priority for you then a video-based system like Clarity is a good option. Alternatively, you might be looking for a second opinion without the hassle of arranging another hospital-based appointment, or perhaps seeking an opportunity to discuss your condition with an expert from the comfort of your home.

Whether you’re someone who will always want an in-person consultation with a doctor or someone who’s happy to see them over a video link, it seems that healthcare services will increasingly be delivered online – this may just increase the efficiency and accessibility of medical consultation.

Barnaby Chappell MD (Consultant Urologist) – “Clarity is great as it allows me to see and help more patients which means they get the clarity they need more quickly

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